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    Breast Guard

    Break more tackles, take more punches.
    A bestie for your breast, it shapes to and protects your sensitive tissue from big hits

    ✓ Fit at home

    ✓ Use your favourite sports bra

    Mouldable Chest Protector

    Get perfectly tailored breast protection for sports that keeps you on your game. It's tough, light and shapes to your body for an unbeatable support.

    ✅ Personalised fit = complete comfort and performance

    🔨 High Impact Foam =soft on skin while protecting your breast

    🪖 2.6mm outer shell that is soft in forming, then hard to protect

    🦠 >99% Anti-Bacterial Foamfor clean skin and guard

    🙋‍♀️ Inserts into your Sports Bra:You've spent a long time finding the right fitting bra, we won't disrupt that

    🚫 No Glue:The less chemicals the better, we use a special forming process that eliminates harmful chemicals

    🏃‍♀️No Restriction:You'll forget your wearing it


    Our sizes are designed to match cups sizes from A up. If you're not sure, we've found athletes prefer to wear the size down.

    Like a mouthguard, you will heat you breast guard in hot water until soft, then insert into your sports bra to form. Check out our video below

    These things happen, and we'd be happy to exchange for the correct size. Just let us know by sending an email to hello@impactarmour.com.au

    With a 2.6mm outer shell, and 1mm high impact foam, our guards shape to your breast and provide impact protection in contact sports.