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    September 16, 2023 3 min read

    Mia King is breaking the stereotype that women can't play contact sports and paving the way for the next generation. She talks about the challenges women face in contact sports, particularly the need to protect their breasts she is leading the way with a physical game style. Check out the interview below and why she recommends Impact Armour breast protection for sports.

    Interview with Mia King

    How long have you been involved in playing footy?

    I've been playing footy for around six years. I started in year 10, just like a local sport team and then I got through it through junior footy, so then it took me to being drafted at North Melbourne.

    What aspects of playing footy do you enjoy the most?

    I love playing footy just because of the competitive nature of the game. I love the feeling of winning and the fact that it's a team sport. Having that team component and just getting around everyone, it's just really special.

    Who do you look up to in the AFLW?

    Someone I look up to in the game is Emma Carney. She's the inaugural captain of North Melbourne Football Club. She's just been like a trailblazer of the game and something she's really passionate about. Women's football. She works with the AFL Players Association and I think just the way she goes about it and promotes women's football is just really admirable.

    What's your favourite thing in footy
    I love the feeling of laying a good tackle, just the teammates getting around me and just hearing the crowd as well. It's just exhilarating and it just gets everyone fired up

    What stereotype do you want to break?

    I think a stereotype I want to break in AFLW is that women can't play contact sport. I think that's been an initial trait that people have been saying, so I think that women coming through and younger girls coming up showing that we can play footy at the highest level and play contact sport is something that's really passionate to me and I think that it's really awesome to see girls getting out there and doing what they love.

    What challenges do women face in sport?

    I think some of the challenges we face as women playing contact sport is the harsh nature of the game. We have to be really careful of our breast health and I think impact armour breast guards are a great way for women to be able to use these breast guards in their contact sport for them to have the confidence to go into contests and not worry about things that we shouldn't be worrying about in a game, and that will take us to the next level.

    Impact armour breast guards, I think are really important for women to use. The guards are going to help women be able to have the confidence to go into contests and just feel really empowered when they are breaking in and smacking into the hard nature of the game.

    Have you been hit in the breast playing?
    Yeah, I have been hit in the breast a few times. I think that it is really painful, particularly when we're menstruating as well, when they're particularly sensitive. So I think that having good education about getting properly fitted for sports bras, but I also think that having something extra like Impact Armour, you just don't even know that it's there. You just slip it in. It's something that's so transportable, it's quick, it's easy. You don't really feel it when it's in, so I think it's just a really great tool to be able to use.

    What sets Impact Armour's chest protector apart?

    Something that I really like about Impact Armour is the fact that it is moulded to you. It feels great when it's on. It's really comfortable. It's light, and I do like the fact that it's not too bulky as well. When I have been hit, I don't feel anything at all. If anything, I feel protected.

    What are some of the essentials you carry in your game day bag?

    Some of the essentials in my game day bag are my mouth guard, my footy boots, my Impact Armour breast guards, as well as some stuff for recovery, such as electrolytes and my Gatorade towel.